Welcome to Blackmer Maps.
Need a cartographer? I have been drawing custom maps for publication since 1994.
Some projects are small and fast, while others span multiple years, but each is treated carefully, and with respect. I am flexible and easy to work with; able to negotiate academic, artistic, and technical worlds with ease. Clients often ask me to work directly with the publisher and/or book designer to establish the technical details and production schedule for the maps, and I am happy to do so. I am most concerned with providing the highest quality map or graphic such that all persons involved in the endeavor are pleased.
While each project is unique, and the tasks involved are highly varied, most single-page maps cost about $500. Please contact me directly regarding your specific project and its individualized pricing—I am happy to work with you on the details.
Feel free to contact me via email at: kate@blackmermaps.com